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Going “Gala-ctic”: How SPLASH Elevates Event Productions


Let’s talk about one of our favorite things in the world – galas! Whether it’s swanky soirées, dazzling fundraisers, or star-studded celebrations, we at SPLASH Cinema are all about turning these events into unforgettable experiences. And guess what? We’ve got some exciting events on the horizon, including the Center for Reproductive Rights Annual Gala at Lincoln Center in New York City and the much-anticipated U.S. launch of Enclustra in San Diego on September 28th. But what sets us apart from the rest? Well, hold onto your champagne flutes because we’re about to shake up the bottle and explain just how SPLASH will take your big event to the next level!


Creating Gala Magic: Crafting Video Content That Dazzles

First things first, we’re not just showing up with cameras and pressing ‘record.’ We’re the creative masters behind the scenes, conjuring up video content that leaves your guests in awe. We’re talking about stunning videos, dazzling graphics, heartwarming montages and photography, and so much more. From providing captivating content for the event’s necessary moments to weaving impactful stories about your cause throughout the evening, we design video content that sets the stage for an unforgettable night. Imagine guests being moved to tears or bursting into applause as our visuals tug at their heartstrings. That’s the SPLASH effect!


Capturing the Gala: Lights, Cameras, Action!

When it comes to filming your event, we’re in it to win it! Our skilled crew captures every moment, from the glitzy red carpet arrivals to the show-stopping performances on stage, the glasses clinking in celebration at the after-parties, and everything in between. Our cameras don’t just record; they paint a vivid picture of the excitement, the elegance, and the essence of your event. We know where to be and when to be there to get those perfect shots to make your biggest moments shine bright. And guess what? We do it all while keeping the energy high and the vibe electric. Because, let’s face it, galas are all about glamour and glitz, and we’re here to make sure that spirit shines through on-screen afterward, too.




Paparazzi, Who? Red Carpet Photography Done Right

When it’s red carpet time, we’re the masters of the photo op. Our photographers snap stunning shots of your VIPs, celebs, and industry leaders as they make their grand entrances. But we don’t just stop at the red carpet. We capture every magical moment during your event, from the speeches that bring the house down to the congratulatory hugs and big smiles of relief at the after-party. Our lenses capture emotions, connections, and the essence of your event. Your gala deserves to be making headlines and creating buzz – and SPLASH always delivers. We understand that these moments are ephemeral, and we’re committed to preserving them in all their beauty.


Turning Videos Around While Guests Are Turning Down
The party doesn’t stop for us when the gala (or the after-party) ends. We keep the celebration going with quick turnarounds for post-event videos that showcase the success and impact of your event. These videos are tailor-made for your social media channels, giving you the power to communicate your achievements to the world in real time. Not only that, we share photos with news outlets the same very evening, edit the videos overnight, and share them the next day so you can let the world know what just took place while the news is still hot! We create content that captures the essence of your gala, from the joyous laughter of guests to the inspiring words of your speakers. It’s all about keeping that gala magic alive long after the night is over. Our after-party videos are more than just a recap; they’re a journey back into the heart of the event, allowing your audience to relive the excitement, the glamour, and the impact.


Join the SPLASH Gala Revolution

We’re on a mission to become THE gala production company, and we want YOU to be a part of it! If you’ve got a big event on the horizon and you’re ready to make it legendary, drop us a line. We’re here to create visual content that wows, capture gala moments that dazzle, and turn your event into a headline-making sensation. It’s time to make your gala the talk of the town, and SPLASH is here to make it happen.



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